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To Thine Own Self Be True: Keep it 100

#pleaseadvise we all have a #supersolider within us. Our task is to dig deep and find all the thing we love about ourselves, stand in our #authenticself, and move forward accepting the universe has a plan for our path. It is easy to find the things we don't like and hold them over our heads as if they are crowns of truth. The blessings come when we are willing to dig deep, accept what is and what ain't about us. "Wonder Woman" has made such a profound impression me and my spiritual journey. I could not help but resonate with the message that we must find and embrace our own power. "Empowered WOMEN Empower WOMEN." Diana aka Wonder Woman went through trials to find her strength, but when she did she fought for justice with peace and compassion for herself and others. Please note I said, "herself." I have found on my 4 1/2 year spiritual journey and off the yoga mat that I must LOVE myself 100%, accept myself 100%, and forgive myself 100% , fill myself up so much with LOVE and Grace that I can't help but give it to those around me. I was once told because I was a Black lesbian woman I would never make it in the world, and I should find another profession. In that I moment I decided I LOVED myself Whole bunch! Well, those are JUST a few of my super powers and one of the reasons I love the skin I'm in. Guess what? Look at me makin' it and embracing every moment. Authenticity and courage are like a practice to make a conscious choice everyday to show up the way the God of my understanding made me to be: kind, loving, compassionate, and honest. Today and everyday, I choose to show up and let my true self be seen. #wonthedoit #supersolider #keepit100

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