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“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

#pleaseadvise you can turn your “wounds into wisdom.” Oprah Winfrey is spot on, you can turn your wounded past into powerful purpose for the future.

The pain of the present brings up past stories that need to heal. I have learned some of my fears manifested from unattended childhood wounds that needed to be uprooted, surrendered, and healed. My heart was blocked off from so many blessings because of my fear based emotion of perfectionism, procrastination, judgement, resentment, and overthinking. Whenever I beat the drums of my fears, I manifested them in my present. There was a point where I felt stuck- I could not move forward and there was no option of going back. In that “stuck place” my meditation and prayer practice revealed that I needed to change my perspective. My childhood wounds manifested in my friendships, professional, and romantic relationships. I graduated from victim to volunteer. From wounded child to wounded warrior to wounded healer.

Life will throw challenges and adversities, but the life lessons learned become blessings as we grow deeper towards self understanding. It is never about the teacher, it always about the lesson. If the lesson is not learned, the lesson will repeat. I have discovered everything is to help us grow closer to our Higher Self’s Divine energy of unconditional self acceptance, unconditional self forgiveness, and unconditional self love.

Truth be told, we are cocreator of our stories, what energy we put out will attract that same energetic vibration. Emotion is energy, “energy in motion.” If we vibrate in low frequency fear based emotion, we will attract low vibration people, places, things, and situations. On the other hand, if we vibrate from love and above, we will attract those high vibration emotions. We will attract what is not healed within ourselves in other people and situations until we fully surrender for healing guidance.

Healing is not linear. We grow through what we go through. We develop just as much from the negatives as we do from the positives. No matter how hard our past has been there is always something to be grateful for as gratitude is the key to abundance and prosperity. It’s not what you don’t have, it is what you do have. It’s about taking full responsibility of our thoughts, words, and actions. Allowing our past to stay in the past but to use it as discernment for future endeavors.

Trust your story as your story will lead you to discover Divine energy healing and restoration. BE vulnerable with yourself, seek therapy, or spiritual counsel. You are never alone. In due time, you will gather your energy and claim your power. Stay in the pocket of positivity and accept you have the power to rewrite your story at anytime. Write your story with a renewed sense of self full of healthy boundaries, emotional needs, your values, and the positive gifts of your wounds. Share with others. Repeat.

God/ the Universe/ Divine Energy will qualify the called to share their story on the platform IT sees fit. What would have defeated you is now your energetic wisdom to guide the community to reveal and heal their wounds. We must willing, have an open heart, and a mustard seed of faith to do what is in front of us. What you fear will manifest, but remember what is meant for your healing will not not miss you. Everything happens in its Divine seasons and reasons. When we are mentally, spiritually, physically READY to receive direction, God will come through like a 2x4, give GPS style turn by turn direction to get you right where you need to be. RIGHT ON TIME. NEVER TOO LATE, NEVER TOO EARLY. ON TIME. EVERY TIME. Stay in faith. Take courageous Divine inspired actions. Be in the pocket of joy and positivity to stay in the present moment. Be grateful for what you have NOW. Sit back and watch the Divine energy show up and show out! Divine Energy does for you what you can not do for yourself!

Until then, be gentle and patient with your progress. Trust the process and bloom where you are planted.

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