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Embrace the Success in Failure

#pleaseadvise the success in failure. There is a beauty in missing the mark, not achieving what we "thought" was "the thing," the firing or resignation from a job, the failed romance, the bombed audition the falling out of a yoga pose. There is graceful success in failure, but we must make the effort to see the positive in the seemingly negative. One of the bravest things I have done on my spiritual journey is learn from my past mistakes and use them as stepping stones towards a bright future. My spiritual journey has taught me to see my part in it, see what I can learn from those failures and use them as stepping stones towards my positive future. I get to make a living amends to myself and others by not allowing my failures to depress me. I get to see these moments as a spiritual redirection towards my purpose and move forward knowing there is an opportunity to better next time. I receive the gift of grace, those fabulous skills that are needed for behaving in a polite way in social situations, that is

how I have become stronger woman of purpose. I have come to believe that, "life gives us exactly what we need to practice in," for that is when I grow and become an inspiration for others to stand taller, so that we can walk humbly together in life. For the past is a stepping stone, and the present is a gift to create a positive future. #faithwillmovemountains #igotitfrommynamastemama🙏🏾 #imsogladidid #putsomerespectonthepast

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