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MEDITATION. Somatic Experiencing® 



Meditation. music. movement. Message.

Brittany Addison-Prescott, E-RYT 200 CAEP  is a  bright light in this world who shares her energy, joy, and  love of life  as a trauma informed Somatic Attachment yoga and meditation therapist. A Dallas, Tx native, Brittany graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts with honors from the  dance program in 2003. She graduated from Hollins University in Roanoke, Va in 2007 with an interdisciplinary degree in Women's Studies, Sociology, and Studio with a concentration in Gender, Race, and Class in the Media and Photography. In April 2022, she obtained her advanced certifications in the Applied Poly Vagal Theory to yoga and Somatic Attachment Therapy from the Embody Lab. 


Brittany  was introduced to yoga in December 2012 to aid with her addiction recovery. She was in awe that her body experienced the same relief and relaxation she felt when she self medicated with chemical addiction. The yoga and meditation practice has walked Brittany through depression, anxiety, and emotional healing as well as encouraged her to live her best life an addiction free since January 2013. Her enthusiasm and curiosity for  Somatic Experiencing® (SE) movement was born. 


Brittany graduated from Core Power yoga teacher training in August 2015 which aided in her faith driven career shift from luxury visual merchandising and advertising to full time yoga teaching in September 2015. She earned her “E-RYT and CAEP” with the Yoga Alliance in August 2017 confirming she has taught over 2000 class and workshop hours and is qualified to train teacher training programs and workshops. To date, Brittany has led and assisted 2 yoga teacher training programs through CorePower Yoga, has been featured in Glamour Magazine, and several Dallas, Tx based digital publications and has guided over 2000 students world wide to live their best life!


In class, she uses her empathic intuition,  Somatic Experiencing® (SE) release techniques and movement, with her Shamanic yogic intelligence to connect with her students energy for a mind, body, and spirit union.Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-based approach to healing trauma, developed by Peter Levine, PhD.. SE focuses on supporting optimal functioning of the nervous system given the primary importance this system plays in the maintenance and resolution of traumatic symptoms.

Her Meditation. Music. Movement. Message Methodology encourages students to journey to their inner self and fully embrace life’s challenges.


Meditation- introduces breathing and visualization techniques to relax the mind and invigorate the body to prepare for physical movement.

Music- classes are guided in silence with the breath as the rhythm OR with vibration boosting SPOTIFY  playlists to help the student meet, greet, and accept their Authentic Self

Movement- A Vinyasa sequence, to move in a special way,or a RESTORATIVE yoga sequence is created for the student to align and balance chakras.

Message- Throughout the yoga practice Brittany motivates and guides her students through the asana while offering spiritual guidance. Students often receive or “download” answers in Savasana to some of their deepest questions.


The Universe sings one song of unconditional self love, unconditional self acceptance, unconditional self forgiveness. Brittany’s love, compassion, and understanding for people genuinely guides her students to experience happiness, joy, and freedom.


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